God works in us

Sun, 9th Mar 2014
Gloria Edwards
Philippians chapter 2 v 12-13

The God we serve is not like the Gods in mythology. Our God rules the universe he has created. God is working (John 5 v 17) It is God that works in us and he works in all our lives. He is working to his will and his great pleasure. He is working to make us willing to do the things he has predestined us to do.
Firstly he will draw us to Jesus, then he will convict us and bring us to repent. When we are saved he takes our old hearts and gives us a new spirit. God doesn't give up on his work and it will continue until Jesus returns. His eternal work can only be perfected by him. The work of salvation is a free gift. By grace we are saved. God looked down on us and decided there was something he wanted to do with us. Gods word is all true and the Holy Spirit will bring out the truth of the bible.
As the Holy Spirit works in us the fruit starts to grow (love, peace, joy, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness) All these things are the nature of God and they start to work in us when we accept him. We should have a deep respect and reverence for God as we don't deserve the things he has done for us. He wants to use us and we are called to reconcile the Word of God just as Jesus was. We are supposed to be a light in a corrupt world. The world needs to see the things of God. He has given us different talents and gifts and he will make sure we have the right gifts to do his purposes. Whoever we are at anytime, our gifts can be used by him. Individually we meet different people in different places in different circumstances.
When Paul says "work out our salvation" he means to live our salvation in our day to day living. We are to be Gods hands, feet and mouthpiece. If we don't work in the world the world will not change. There can be times when we do not want to serve him and we want the world but we are not called to do that. We can be thankful and rejoice that Jesus wants to use us. Sometimes we can let God down, we can hear his voice and dismiss it.
The world wont remain corrupt and evil if we let Gods kindness and righteousness show. We can shy away because of our fear of people. God wants us to go into the world and make it a bright place. We can change the world.