Philipians 4

Sun, 19th Aug 2018
Philippians 4

Paul was on his second missionary journey, there are those that go and those that support. Some people are called to go, do we know where we are supposed to be. We can be an encourager, Paul was grateful. We are to be grateful people and be grateful for what God has given us. Paul learnt that whatever state he was in to be grateful. The birth pains of this world will get stronger to the end when he comes.
The bible tells us that we are being changed from glory to glory. Nothing in this world is perfect but we must aim to be perfect. We are to agree to disagree to keep the unity in the church.
Jesus says to do your good deeds in secret as there will be reward. We must also be joyful for the things he has done for us in the past and rejoice in the Lord always. In our own strength we are weak but the Holy Spirit strengthens us. It is Christ who brings joy to us not the things of this world. We can be encouraged and blessed for what he has done for us

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