Haggai ch 2

Sun, 8th Jul 2018
Haggai ch 2

This passage is about Gods building program. We shouldn't let our past failures hold us back. v4 be strong all you people and work. We are saved by the grace and mercy of God, faith without works is dead. If God is not in the work he will shut the door. God has a plan for us and his church.
We have Gods spirit and his resources to help us. We need to be right with God. Being in Gods presence doesn't make us Holy it is when we seek him. Sin does contaminate though. Evil company corrupts good habits. Seek first his kingdom and righteousness. He wants his home to be built up.
We must seek the Lord as to what he is saying to the nation and be aware as to what is happening in the world looking for his coming. We must seek to be in a right place with him.

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