Bear one anothers burdens

Sun, 23rd Sep 2018
Galatians ch 6

Paul commands us to bear one another's burdens and restore them gently. Sometimes just being there can help. If we carry one another's burdens faithfully we will be fulfilling the law of Christ. The bible is also clear that as Christians we will have burdens to bear and face adversity. The tests of our faith develop perseverance. We will all have burdens of different intensities throughout our lives.
We need to have a willing heart and we need to pray for others with burdens. The person with the burden needs to want help and we have to pray to find that burden.
We should be approachable people and look to cultivate relationships with others. Lets love one another to want to help and be willing to accept help.
It doesn't matter how hard the road lets carry them out of love

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