Let us introduce you to our Leadership.
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Alison Young
- Leader of Children/Youth Work

My main responsibilities are making sure that the children and young people who come to activities in the church have a safe and fun time meeting with their friends, hearing and learning about Jesus and enjoying living life God’s way. I also help support the pastoral care of many other members of the congregation, in particular, parents of older children and also young adults who are linked to the church. It is such an amazing privilege to join people of all ages in “living life with Jesus”, growing in Faith and learning together. I love working with young people and children of all ages and they never cease to teach me something new about God and about life.
I also have the responsibility of recruiting and supporting all those who work with the children and young people in our church. Our Sunday School is currently a small group of wide-ranging ages from toddlers to secondary school children. This is not without its challenges but is usually extremely good fun!. The Sunday School Team are fantastic at coming up with new and exciting ways to try and reach each of the children on their level and maintaining their interest.
Widnes Baptist Church is a great family church in the sense that there is something for everyone (regardless of age or family circumstances) and as soon as you walk in, you are instantly welcomed and become part of the church family. I have lost count of the times that it has been described to me as a caring and personal church that majors on building relationships and notices when individuals are struggling or in need; doing its best to support that person as best they can, even if they move away from the local area or are unable to be an active member of the congregation.
I am originally from a Baptist Church in East Anglia/Central England and joined Widnes Baptist Church (WBC) in 2005 and I became a Leader at WBC in 2009. My family all continue to live down south and when I’m not working with or supporting young people in some capacity; I enjoy catching up with friends, reading, going to the gym or joining the local Parkrun.

Gloria Edwards
- Leader of Pastoral Care

The area I serve in is that of helping people to find faith in God and realize their need of Jesus as Saviour. My heart is that no-one should struggle through life without the knowledge that God loves them and wants to be part of their lives. I want them to know of his love, provision, guidance and his ability to give them hope and a future.

As part of a team I help with a coffee and prayer morning where I try to show the love of God in a practical way. I do this by being a listening ear and serving refreshments. For those that come with hurts or needs I am willing to pray for them, or alongside them. This I find a great privilege!

Other areas of service are leading services and preaching, pastoral visiting and discipleship securing the spiritual welfare of the congregation. This includes, 'Here to Listen’ open for pray and ‘Coffee Morning’ together and other special services throughout the year – Easter and Christmas events e.g. Candlelight Carol Service.

I just love people, and want to touch their lives with good things I try to be available to listen, encourage, and offer spiritual and practical help where needed.

John Petch
- Leader of Worship

I was brought up in Liverpool and started to go to a church in Anfield. I joined Widnes Baptist Church in 2005 and became a leader in 2008. I’m married to Sandra, we have three children and six grandchildren who all live close by. My passion is painting and playing the guitar. I’ve recently retired after 40 years teaching.

I enjoy going to Widnes Baptist church, it is a growing family church and I value the friendships I have made. I head up the worship team supporting and training. Worship is an important part of our connection to God and each other. We help to lead people into God’s presence. I am actively involved in our community and improving how we work and support each other. I have also been actively involved in administration and maintenance of the building.

Jon Symons
- Church secretary

I have been at Widnes Baptist Church since 2007 and I have been a leader for two years. I am married to Sarah. I am originally from Penzance, Cornwall and was a member of Clarence Street Baptist Church before moving to Widnes.

Currently my three priorities or focuses are guiding a midweek time of prayer, fellowship, reading and sharing with God’s people from our church which is suitable for Christians of any level of understanding. I strongly believe that as Christians there should be more time with God as his family outside of Sunday morning time. These meetings are relaxed and arranged so that they are easy to follow and accessible to all.

I also believe that as time has gone by, more and more that God has given me gifts in the area of worship. This involves thought, preparation and technical learning whilst striving to support the Worship Leader and be involved in worship that enables God’s people to praise him. I find the songs we sing truly enable us to praise Him for who He is and for everything that He has done for us. I feel that God has led me along this path as things have happened where I can feel God working sometimes in ways that I cannot see. Going forward I am genuinely excited about this work, I really feel that God has something in store one day.

I also have a role and a responsibility as the church secretary which involves communication and administration work.

I would love anyone to approach me at any time during the week or after the service to come and talk and share with me in order that we may build one another up and get to know one another better.