Is that you Lord?

Sun, 18th Mar 2018
Romans 8 v 14

We have a need to communicate with God and we are to listen and expect a reply. We can be unsure that what we hear is from God. He can speak to us through a gentle whisper, it can be a small still voice an inner voice in our hearts. God can also put scriptures into our hearts and they can return to us. When discerning if God is speaking to us, is it pure, true, sincere considerate and submissive?
We should be submissive to those leading us or will we be selfish and want our own way?
Even if God disciplines us he is merciful, is what God telling us merciful? If God is leading you to do something it will be his heart and bear fruits of the Spirit. We must also be impartial as Gods people, in situations we must look at people without favouritism.
Is the thought sincere? If we have any leading, is it by our natural fleshly self? We need to be sure anything earthly and unspiritual must be rejected. God will not lead you in paths of evil as there is no darkness in him. Envy and selfish ambition are also not good things. We should think more highly of others than ourselves. We must reject any evil practice, even the smallest iniquity that might take us out of the will of God.
When God speaks it will be to guide and comfort us, he leads us in paths of righteousness. The Holy Spirit will lead us into any gifting from God and he can do it at any time. The motive for wanting spiritual gifts must be in love and not for ourselves.
God can also communicate supernaturally through dreams and visions. He can speak without words through creation and sending his only Son for us. He wants to speak to us because he loves us and he speaks to us daily.
If we ever feel uncertain lets try to listen

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