Look to the future

Sun, 31st Dec 2017
Isaiah ch 62

Forget the past and look forward to the future. The Lord prepares his people for what is to come and things will get harder for Christians.

v1) We are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the place where we live.
v2) We need the Lords righteousness in us, his works are pre ordained for us. We are his hands and feet to do his work
v3) There is no greater calling than to be an ambassador for Jesus. We should be happy where we are and that we have been chosen
v4) The Lord will prosper us, we will go from glory to glory in him
v5) Those who are the Lords will be saved, no one will be lost.
v6) We are all watchmen, we are to watch and be in the Lords Word as Satan is working against Gods works
v7) Jesus tells us not to give up praying
v8-9) When we give to Gods kingdom the Lord will provide for us and meet our needs in his timing and ways we cant imagine
v10-11) The Lord is coming and we must not be caught unaware
v12) God will never leave us nor forsake us. The last days are coming and they are coming to pass

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