Follow the Lord

Sun, 1st Oct 2017
Philipians 3-4

We should be able to work towards saying follow me as I follow the Lord. We should strive towards being good examples as Paul did. How much do we rely on Gods grace. Paul says imitate him as he imitates Christ and we must rely on his strength and grace to follow him and overcome struggles. We should also look to build up the church of Christ. We have a better hope so lets be an encouragement to others.
Take heed that nobody deceives you, there is a heaven to gain.
We must also comfort one another as this life is not our eternity. Our bodies will also one day be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.
Study his Word, obedience, prayer and fellowship are so important. Don't let disagreements drive a wedge between each other. We need to work together for the progress of the gospel. Let us rejoice in the Lord.
Peace from God comes from a relationship with Jesus. He wants a relationship with us and for us to share whats on our hearts. Seek him when decision making.
Meditate on the Word of God and allow it to mould us

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