Respond to the message

Sun, 23rd Jul 2017
1Thessalonians chapter 1

Paul, Silas and Timothy are the three main people in this passage and Paul used to persecute Christians before he became a missionary.
v1 Grace is undeserved favour, we do not enter his kingdom on our own. Peace is given to Christians by Jesus.
v 2 We should give thanks to God for everything and have faith in what he can do if we pray. We thank God and then we pray. We need to worship Jesus. Do we thank God always? Am I praying for the church that I go to? Jesus prayed so how much more should we pray/ We need to pray that Jesus would change lives.
v 3 Without faith it is impossible to please God v 9 The people turned to God from idols to serve the living God. An idol is something that separates us from God, if it comes before God it is an idol. There is only one God. How much does God love you as an individual? His love is for you, he loves us just as we are. We should tell God how we feel.
v 4-8 The message. The church in Thessalonica responded to the message by turning to God. They were followers and examples because they couldn't keep the gospel message quiet.
We are now here today hearing the message of God, are we responding to the message? Will we believe, become followers and will others see our example. We should pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit as he can move in a mighty way. He wants people to come to heaven and be with him. We are privileged to bring glory to him in the days to come

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