Sun, 2nd Jul 2017
Ephesians ch 1

We have been predestined, chosen and already on a firm foundation. We might think we searched for God but we were chosen by God, we will be seated with him in heavenly places. There are no favourites with God, his love is around us at all times.
1) We are destined for greatness. What are the rules and regulations of the gospel? We must ask for forgiveness everyday, not have the pride of life and lusts of the flesh. We are not here to fill churches we are here to serve God.
2) We are marked by the Holy Spirit given to every believer. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit when we trust in him. The Holy Spirit is a member of the trinity and we must pay him respect.
3) We are filled with his power. Before we knew Christ we did as we wanted. We have now the power of Christ in us, power over sin, power to pray for people and heal people. When these things happen God gets the glory.
4) We are free from sin and bondage. After sin comes death. We must not look back and yearn for old things. Christ has paid the price for our sins so why should we look back to our pleasurable sins? The Holy Spirit causes us to live closer to Christ and one of his jobs is to guide us. We need an active prayer and church life.
5) We are being perfected. God is working in our church. We must endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit.

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