The last days

Sun, 25th Jun 2017
Matthew ch 24 v 4-31

The early church and the disciples believed they were living in the last days. They believed that Christ could come at anytime and it would be at any moment just as we believe that today.
Jesus gives a clear explanation of end times events and reveals seven signs that clearly point to his return.
1) Deception Matt 24 v 4-5 Don't let anyone mislead you we must be aware of deception as many false prophets will come.
2) Jesus speaks of worldwide birth pains v 6-8 Wars and disasters are the beginning of the birth pains but Jesus tells us not to panic for there will be joy at Christs return
3)  Persecution v1 and 9 Persecution is real for Christians but we must not lose heart. gods grace will be given to us so we can endure.
4) Falling away v 10 God has promised to save all who persevere to the end. Many will turn away but there will always be a remnant. We must remain faithful to him.
5) False prophets v 11 We can never believe everything we hear. We should watch our speakers and check what they say against Gods Word as many false prophets will come
6) Wickedness v 12 We should stay clear of wicked people

All these things can be discouraging except for the knowledge they herald the return of Jesus

7) Worldwide evangelism v 14

God has set a day and we need to be ready for his sudden return

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