Psalm 139

Sun, 4th Jun 2017
Psalm 139

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves us so much but sometimes he has to discipline us. He anoints our heads with oil but he also wont let us continue in a wrong direction and so he can discipline us and draw us back to himself. He is patient, loving, Holy and righteous.
1) We should put our shoulders to the work of God. We must conquer our hearts and minds and keep faithful in the things of God. If we hear the Spirit of God calling us to do something we must listen and put our hands to the plow. Whenever we read about Jesus he is always about his Fathers business even to the cross.
2) We must do what God wants us to do. Underneath us are Gods strong arms and we are safe but we shouldn't play around with sin as it does grow so we must turn away from it.
3) Knees speak of prayer and sacrifice and time with God. We must win our spiritual battles, be strong in prayer and spend time with God. If we don't then we are the ones who will suffer. God is in control and amongst all the trouble in the world he is in control and is still working.
4) His word is a light to our feet and as we read his word he speaks to us. We must not let our feet walk us into trouble, we will be punished if we cause other Christians to sin.
If we know to do good then we should do it.

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