How can I be sure I am saved?

Sun, 14th May 2017

We need to ask ourselves some questions
1) Have we believed that the death of Jesus paid for our sins?
2) Have I received him as my personal saviour?
3) Am I trusting feelings rather than Gods word?
4) Am I basing salvation on what I do for God rather than what he has done for me?
The bible tells us that we will have eternal life if we believe in him
Can a saved person be lost? No the nature of our salvation is eternal and based on him not on us. If we find ourselves attacked or in doubt we should remember the work of God in securing our salvation.
We find many promises in the bible for example John 3 v 16, John 5 v 24, John 6 v 37, 1 John 5 v 11. From these scriptures we know that we can be children of God, anyone who believes has eternal life and we only have to listen and believe in God.
Our salvation and assurance depend solely on what Jesus has done for us... Ephesians 1 v 7, Romans 3 v 25, Romans 5 v 1, Colossians 2 v 13-15, Hebrews 7 v 25, Hebrews 9 v 28
From these scriptures we also learn that when we do sin as believers Jesus acts as our advocate before the Father, he is the one who took Gods wrath upon himself and bought us into fellowship with God. He is the forgiveness for our sins and the sins of this world. When he comes again he will bring salvation to those who are waiting patiently for him. We must fix our eyes on Jesus however unworthy we may feel for it is God who chose and saved us not ourselves. Is is him who is making us Holy and will never let go John 10 v 28.
Therefore our salvation and assurance is based on the Fathers words and promises and the Sons work on the cross both of which stand for all time.
God wants us to be fully assured of his free gift of eternal life and salvation. He loves us and will never leave us

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