Building the temple

Sun, 30th Apr 2017
Zechariah ch 4

The Israelites had been exiled for 70 years for disobeying God, Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed the temple and it was now to be rebuilt. Our lives should be built on Jesus and our focus should be on him. In Ezra we read that the house of the Lord was to be rebuilt and worship was restored as the foundation was laid.
However opposition will come if we are doing the work of God. Zechariah was trying to encourage Zerubbabel with the rebuilding. The lampstand was likened to the church of the Lord with God in the midst. The work of God needs the Holy Spirit in the midst of it. Jesus needs his people to rebuild the church, responding to the call of God. God will overcome our opposition as we work with him but we must want to see his church being built up. Any work that God is involved In he will complete and we should never despise any work he is involved in.
We need to see if we are coming into line with all aspects of Gods Word. If there is an aspect we are not then we must tell him and he will help us to change and become more and more like Jesus.
The two olive branches besides the two pipes were to keep the lampstand burning bright. These two represent Joshua and Zerubbabel rebuilding the temple. God wanted the oil so that the stand can burn bright and so we must be active in praying, doing Gods work and being in a right relationship with him. The more we allow him in the more we will grow.
God wanted the temple built so that Jesus could come to the temple in his earthly life. God wants us to be involved in the building process of the church.

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