Easter Sunday

Sun, 16th Apr 2017
John 3 v 16

Jesus is alive and is still alive today. Many people including Christians nowadays don't believe in the virgin birth or the resurrection.
The facts.
1) Early on the sunday morning the stone was rolled away.
2) If Jesus hadn't been raised from the dead how could people have met him.
3) Thomas had seen and touched Jesus, the disciples had also seen him as well as Mary.
4) He ascended into heaven in front of witnesses, people could see that he was alive
Jesus took our old lives away and he has given us a new life. We must tell the world that Jesus is alive. There is so much evidence that Jesus rose from the dead, Christ is eternal. We are eternal beings and we have to choose whether we want to live with Jesus forever. Only through Christ will we be made alive and we cannot do enough good works to get to heaven, it is by faith alone in the living Jesus Christ that we are saved.
We thank God that the cross is empty and the same Jesus is coming back for us. Who do we belong to? We can make the choice to give our hearts to Jesus. When he returns we will meet him in the flesh as we have already met him in the spirit. By not choosing him we are rejecting him. If we meet Jesus and forget him then we have lost everything. One day we will meet him and we will be able to embrace him and ask him questions spending eternity with him.
Such love he had for us that he was prepared to die for us. Do we believe in him and that he is alive?

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