God has a plan for you

Sun, 9th Apr 2017
Ruth ch 1

Ruth worshipped in Moab where idols were worshipped. As a lady of faith she left her home to go to Bethlehem v16. We serve the same God as Ruth, God had a plan for Ruth and he wants the best for his people.
In chapter 2 Boaz had compassion for Ruth and he married her. This was part of Gods plan as their son Obed was to be the grandfather of king David part of the lineage of Jesus. There was a plan in place before Jesus was born just like there is for us now.
1) God is concerned about all people. He was concerned about Ruth regardless of her background and situation and he is concerned for people from all walks of life nowadays too.
2) In Gods eyes men and women are both equally important to God
3) Everyone is important in Gods eyes. He chose 12 fishermen, he chose Rahab the harlot, he chose Mary Magdelene. He treats each one of us the same. God intended Ruth to be part of the lineage of Jesus. God has a plan as he saved us by his grace.
Jesus prayed for all believers in John ch 17, he says he will love us always. One day at the marriage feast we will see him face to face for eternity

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