Mothers Day

Sun, 26th Mar 2017
Proverbs 31 v 1-31

A wife and a mother who fears God.
v10-12) The godly woman is virtuous and the scriptures say that she is more precious than rubies.
v13-19) She is resourceful, works hard and uses things to bless her household
v20-23) She is generous and compassionate
v26) She has wise speech and speaks with kindness
v27-31) She is diligent and never idle taking care of every aspect of her house
Her children see her value and her husband gives her the highest praise. She is praised because she fears the Lord and wants to please him. Godly mothers and wives are few and far between in this age. If you have a godly mother then you are blessed. They are not unnoticed by others and their lifestyles are observed.
A mothers life has an influence on their children and future generations after they have gone. This is also how the gospel is spread passed through generations. A woman's value and influence lasts through generations

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