Time in his Word

Sun, 19th Mar 2017
James ch 1

Be doers of the Word. God wants to work in our lives. Those who know to do good and don't do it are sinning.
1) Favouritism, Do not show favouritism to any, as God shows no partiality. He will use everyone of us if we are willing, it doesn't matter what our abilities are. It is us that limits the way that God can use us so do not let the devil hold you back. We should welcome all and reach out to all, it is everyone's responsibility. None of us choose who our brothers and sisters will be. God tells us to examine our motives so we must be open to those that come into the church.
2) Faith without works, We should be living in a right relationship with God seven days a week. Faith must have an outworking in our lives and he wants us to apply the Word of God in our hearts. He commands us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Belief on its own is not enough faith must be seven days a week. Remember that we are Gods feet and hands to reach out into the world.
3) Death and life are in the power of the tongue, God wants us to encourage and build up, we should be open and humble to the Lord. Do not sow dischord as God hates it and we shouldn't gossip among brothers. We should take hold of our lives and not speak negatively of others.
The Word of God is so deep and measureless but he has special treasures he wants to minister to our hearts. The Word of God can transform our lives but we have to spend time reading it. We are Gods ambassadors.

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