Sun, 12th Mar 2017
James ch 1 v 5

God wants us to come to him and ask wisdom from him. Proverbs teaches us a lot about wisdom and God wants us to make time to come to him. If you want peace in life come to Gods Word. He emphasises things by repeating them and he is the one that gives wisdom but we have to spend time with him to get to know him. Wisdom is applying Gods Word and we must acknowledge that he is God
1) The starting point is to fear him.
2) We need to study his Word
3) We must want to understand his Word
4) Ask for wisdom without doubting
5) See that God is our main resource for wisdom
Ask God to help you with the way you live your life, His promise is that he will instruct you. Happy is the man who finds wisdom, our priority in life is Gods Word, it is more precious than rubies. Pleasantness and peace are with the Word of God. Spend time in his Word for godly wisdom. Do not be wise in your own eyes or let the world squeeze you into its own mould.
Gods blueprint for us it to become more and more like Jesus. He sees what he can do in our lives and we must allow him to shape us

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