Are we prepared?

Sun, 5th Mar 2017
Genesis ch 7

Are we prepared for the day of judgement? Are we prepared like Noah was? People may laugh at us for following Jesus, people laughed at Noah but they never knew what was coming. God had promised that Noah would be ok because he was obedient, there was catastrophe but Noah was safe.
Power to judge and save belongs to God. He has power to judge on judgement day. Are "onboard the ark2 before judgement day? We must be obedient to what God wants of us. God is Holy and he must judge sin.
There are storms we can go through in life when we need to call on his help. No matter what we are going through he is right there with us, it doesn't matter what people may say or what happens, the victory is already ours because of God. Jesus rebuked the storm and everything was calm on the boat with the disciples, he can give us a peace that the world cannot give. We are not on our own when we go through our trials. He has power over the elements, power to judge and power to save. There is a reward from going through a trial the way God wants us to. There is a reward for the wicked but there is also a reward for the believer.
Jesus is right there with us in the boat and in the storm. He is there in your trial and one day we will see him and be like him, this is Gods promise.

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