Sun, 22nd Jan 2017
James ch 1

We are servants of God just as James was. Jesus came to serve and we are here to serve others. Jesus associated himself with people having problems. We are not here to shy away, we are here to help people with problems. As Christians we will go through trials and troubles, How will we go through them? God has given us everything we need to get through them.
The Word of God is a medicine and it is by the Word of God that we prevail. God has said that he will never leave us nor forsake us and if we live in his Word and pray the joy of the Lord will be our strength for in his presence there is fullness of joy. If we seek God we will find the joy of the Lord.
Temptations can take many forms in our lives. Paul went to prison for the Word of God, he endured beatings, shipwreck, false brethren but he kept on going as he had the Holy Spirit in him. He is the captain of our faith and we are being perfected through our trials and they bring patience. God calls everything to work together for good.
Is God happy with how we are going through our trials as there is reward if we go through them with patience, faith and trust. If we read and pray and have fellowship we can get strength. Our faith must be in God and not in people. The trials we will face will pass and will not be forever. However another trial will come and we will be stronger. We must resist the devil by not doing evil and doing good instead.
We must not give up easily when seeking God for healing. Prayer does work and the devil does not want us to pray or praise him. We enter the kingdom of God through much trial. It is what Jesus did for us that gets us to heaven.
We go through our trials with God, he is mighty to save and he rescues people. God wants to make us perfect and a pillar in our church. He wants to strengthen us and our faith will grow and put peace into our lives.
God is with us and he has given us everything we need to get through our trial in a positive way.

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