3 lessons from the wise men

Sun, 4th Dec 2016
Matthew ch 2

We can learn lessons from the three wise men. Our God longs to be worshipped-he first loved us. The wise men gave 3 gifts, time, worship and gifts. How can we learn from them?
1) They gave their time. The act of giving comes from God as he gave life, the world and new life through his own Son. We should be a giving people. We should give worship and give to his work. The only things we take to heaven are the good things we do on this earth. We can also give our talents and gifts. What can we give to the people of God? The wise men gave two years of their time to following the star. God wants our best so lets give him our best. Every sacrifice is tested by God, are we following him?
2) They gave gold, frankincense and myrrh. He wants us to give our gifts and talents outside the church. We can find fulfilment in doing Gods work. He wants us to use our time for him but also for rest and families with a balance.
3) They gave their worship. The wise men worshipped and bowed down. The place where we worship is not as important as how we worship.
a) He desires to be worshipped in spirit and in truth.
b) Lets tell God our heart and our feelings and ask for his help. We must be honest with each other.
c) We must remember that worship is more than a song it is a lifestyle.
God is worthy to be praised. God is a giving God and we should learn to give to God. The men gave and we should give. Lets move forward in the things of God

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