Ready to meet your maker

Sun, 27th Nov 2016
Luke 13 v 15

Our world exposes us to information from all over the world. We see disasters and our emotions are exposed to pain suffering and death in all its awfulness. Our minds can sometimes struggle to process the horrible things happening in the world. Through these disasters people can be catapulted into eternity whether it be heaven or hell. Calamity can be everywhere even in the safest of places.
This can pose questions such as what does it all mean? or Is God saying something? We shouldn't suppose things that we don't have evidence of. Calamities can come on anyone in any moment and good people can be affected. Jesus reminds us that each individual must examine themselves to be ready to meet their maker. Repentance is both essential and urgent. Are we ready as unless we repent we will perish. We need a repentant heart and remember that he died for the sins of the world. We must ask God to come into our lives and put anything right. When we sin we must repent. God is patient to lead us to repentance and is not willing that any should perish.
Why does calamity continue? Why should good people suffer? Jesus does not give an answer he reminds us to repent and he is patiently waiting. Any unanswered questions should be left with God. He doesn't want us to focus on why calamaties exist but wants us to focus on repentance and have an abundant life with him not focusing on the things that we don't understand. One day God will close the door on suffering, all evil will be wiped out and we will experience the rewards of turning away from this world. It costs nothing to get to heaven just to believe.

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