Give room to him

Sun, 30th Oct 2016
Hebrews 12 v 18

Everytime his Word is preached we are addressed by God. Do we have an ear to hear? Are we making room for God? Are we fitting him in? Will we give him time?
We stand before a Saviour who is Lord of all. The bible says do not trust in uncertain things. It is better to trust him in this life. Jesus wants us to love, serve and trust him. We are to be bold and active in his service.
What has room in our hearts? Christ wants room in your heart. We may have ups and downs in our loves but we can trust him and he will give his power. Jesus is waiting for us, can we hear his voice when he says do this or wants us to do that?
Jesus can change lives and so we must go into the world and we never know what might happen. We are his hands, his feet and his mouthpiece, he can use us. We must read his word, pray and serve him doing our best as this life is a fleeting thing.
What is Jesus saying to us? Every big or small thing we can overcome makes us stronger for next time and so we must overcome difficulties.
Everytime we read the bible he is talking to us. Our citizenship is in heaven so lets choose today who we will serve. It wont always be easy to serve him but if we do we will not be disappointed. Do you trust him?

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