The greatness of God

Sun, 9th Oct 2016
Isaiah 6 V 1-3

Everyone in the world rich or poor needs to know Jesus loves them regardless of their status in society. We are all equal and God looks at us all the same with a heart of love. We can be so focused on the stuff in our lives that we can forget who God is. God the Father is a God of love and he loves us, we are his children. God the Father sent the Son who was eternal to become a human being. He was a
carpenter but he also performed miracles as he is the Son of God. When he dies on the cross he paid the price for every single sin in full. He wants us to come to him and believe in him as he wants everyone to know how much they are loved.
As Christians we can carry guilt or shame but we don’t have to. When we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us. We must trust in his cleansing and his righteousness. He rose victorious from the dead with the keys of death and hell. When we are saved we go to be with him in eternal life. What is Jesus like now? In Revelation 1 v 12-18 John had an encounter where he saw the Lord, a revelation of a powerful Jesus. We must remember that we are connected to him and he is in us.
There will be a day when everyone will recognise Jesus and every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that he is God even atheists. We must remember that we are on the victory side. We don’t have to do our lives in our own strength, we can trust him in the little things and the big things. We must not be worried or stressed but seek first the kingdom of God. Take our focus off the things of this world and focus on him. It is good to remind ourselves of how powerful he is.The joy of the Lord is our strength. Let’s focus on him and stop worrying. He is the victorious king!

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