Divine visitation for supernatural occurances

Sun, 28th Aug 2016
1 Kings

God has a habit of visiting his people, he created us in his image. Each time God visits his people our lives will not remain the same. He is our maker and our sustainer and he is here to take charge of things troubling us in our lives.
When God visits there are outcomes-
When God visits, darkness disappears as he comes as a light to chase away every darkness in our lives. When God visits it restores lost hope. By divine visitation what was lost shall be restored. It is God that has the final word in our lives. Our peace cannot be tampered with as we have a bigger God than any man or situation. God can turn around any area of our lives.
Divine visitation brings revival- death and sorrow can not stand against visitation. Tears shall be wiped away in Jesus name, with God all things are possible. Jesus is coming to visit in our lives and turn the impossible into the possible.
Ask the Lord to visit you, there are so many benefits.

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1 Kings