Pray for others

Sun, 31st Jul 2016
Gloria Edwards
1 Timothy 2 v 1-6

1) Pray for others, plead for Gods mercy for them and give thanks for all he will do for them
2) Pray for those in authority over us so we can live in peace.
This is good and pleasing to God for he desires all to be saved as Jesus gave his life for all mankind. Pauls letter to Timothy is full of instruction and direction. Timothy is instructed to fight for the Lord and hold to his faith. To keep his conscience clear he must pray for others also. When we fail to do this we live in disobedience to the teaching of Jesus. We must love others as much as we love ourselves. When we love others we want the best for them.
Prayer taps into the power of God for others and God sets out to work in them as he has almighty power and wisdom. We can have no excuse not to pray.
Prayer has no boundaries.
We live in a fallen world and so we must pray for others, the poor, rich, kings, leaders, ministers, allies, enemies etc. Just as Paul instructed Timothy to do and so we should also thank God for all he will do in their lives.
We must pray with a sincere love for enemies and people causing trouble in the world that hey might come to know the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus their saviour. It can be difficult for us to do but these people who we may not know are not unreachable to God.
We must love our enemies and do good to those who hate us. Pray for their happiness and Gods blessing upon them
No authority of man can thwart Gods plans and purposes.
We must spend our time in godly living and thinking much about the Lord. We cannot pray for them in our own strength, we will need our saviour to help and empower us to be obedient. Luke 6 v 27-28

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1 Timothy 2 v 1-6