Who is the Holy Spirit

Sun, 15th May 2016
Gloria Edwards
1 Corinthians 12

The Holy Spirit is spoken of by Christ as a person several times in scripture. He has the characteristics of a person and he has a will just like us. The Holy Spirit is the gift given by God so we can be his witnesses so that people will come to know God through the spiritual gifts and attributes of God.
Just like ordinary people impart knowledge and wisdom in human words so the Holy Spirit imparts spiritual wisdom and truths in spiritual words and ways.
The Holy spirit also has love and goodness which underpin all of his work. The Holy Spirit speaks, teaches, guides, forbids and convicts but he can also suffer emotional hurt. He is not just a force or power he is someone the Lord Jesus promised to send to help us. John 16 v 5-15.
The Holy Spirit guided the writers of the scriptures and the words spoken by the prophets. He also played a part in bringing new birth to men, women and children. John 3 v 5-8.
What is the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Gods people? In the old testament he came upon Gods servants for specific tasks Luke 4 v 17-19. The prophets said he would come and live in the saviour and all of Gods people. Joel 2 v 28-29 The Holy Spirit will come to all who repent and be baptised for forgiveness of sins. The Holy Spirit cannot be bought or earned.
What happens when Gods people are filled with the Holy Spirit? They know they are Gods children and they understand spiritual things. The Holy Spirit reveals things and helps us to pray. and become more like Jesus. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. The Holy Spirit is the churches greatest asset as he unites the people of God. The Holy Spirit comes to bring us gifts and we all have different gifts. Each part of the church is different but all are needed for the body to work.
We can know the Holy Spirit is working in our lives if we have been convicted of sin and if we have come to the knowledge that Jesus died to save us from sin and also from the fruits in our lives.
We are a changed people and he will work in our lives

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