Lessons from Daniel

Sun, 7th Aug 2016
Gary Iddon
Daniel chapter 6

Daniel was put in the lions den full of hungry lions however God kept him safe because Daniel feared God.
1) Delegating:- Sometimes it can be wise to delegate to other people. Daniel delegated so that together great things would be done for God.
Daniels wisdom was noted and his character was trustworthy. Are we faithful in what God has given us to do. Its easy to be faithful when things are going well around us. Can we still be faithful when under pressure. Daniel was a praying person who sought God.
2) Are we faithful? Is our character noted? When problems come don't let your heart be weighed down. If we worry too much we will never get anything done. We must seek first the kingdom of God. God should always come first and be at the top. We must love our neighbour as we love ourselves. We must also not be jealous as jealousy affected men against Daniel.
3) Lets not be jealous of others' jobs, careers, possessions, ministries etc. Lets be content with what God has done for us and given us. We are all as important as one another so lets be content.
The devil is the accuser of the brethren he wants to spoil lives. Acuusations and condemnation does not come from God it comes from the devil.
Gods decree is that we preach the gospel
4) We must be faithful. Daniel prayed to God in his room three times a day. How is our walk with God? Is our lifestyle up to what God expects? We are told to follow God til the end

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