Our enemy

Sun, 24th Jul 2016
2 Samuel 21 v 15-22

The enemies of God were always seeking to undermine the work of God. The Philistines were an enemy continually at war with Gods people. If you walk with the Lord you will have a continual enemy. The Philistines had giants that were opposing the Word of God. The children of Israel were afraid of the giants but they had forgotten that God had defeated their enemies in the past.
We should always be looking for opportunities where we can step in where there is a need. We need to look for these and see what God wants us to do. The Lord will give us strength and encouragement as our enemy will try to put fear in our hearts. We shouldn't allow discouragement to deflect us from doing the work of God. We should remember how great Gods blessings are and have eternity in mind. We must press on when things are difficult just as Paul did. The enemy will seek to discourage and hinder the work of God but God will help us to push through. Our victories come within the heart.
Jesus has overcome the enemy upon the cross and if we follow him he will lead us in triumph. Preparation comes with spending time with God. If we want to see victories in the Lord we must prepare to be in Gods army-we must read and pray.
We have so much potential in us if the spirit of God is in us but we must apply and follow Jesus. We have to work at bringing that potential out in our lives.
Let us not focus on this earth but in working for the Lord. He wants us to be a reflection of Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

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