God during your storm

Sun, 17th Jul 2016
Matthew ch 14

Who do you trust during your storm? Haven't we all felt at one time that we have had more than our share of difficult times? The storms of life can reveal many things including our teachablilty. Everybody has storms and we must realise that we are not alone. Some storms can come if we are out of Gods will but it doesn't always mean we are out of his will.
What does Jesus do for us during our storm?
1) He prays for us! Jesus came into the world to talk to us about God and now he talks to God about us.
2) Jesus comes to us. During the storm he focuses on us and he will come just in time. He doesn't always execute a quick rescue mission.
3) Jesus meets us at our darkest hour. He is not ignorant and he does hear our cries.
4) Jesus is victorious over our greatest fears. He came walking on the water the very thing that frightened the disciples. Even these fishermen were scared of the water. Jesus conquered death.
5 ) He ministers to us in the storm. There are things in this life that we will never figure out but one day we will. God is on the throne and he is for us and not against us.
During our storm we can know that God is sovereign. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away but he is in control. He ministers to us despite our misunderstandings. We must hand everything over to him who is all knowing. Will we trust him in the storm? We have his Word that he will be with us through the storm.

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