Our salvation

Sun, 3rd Jul 2016
Gary Iddon
1 Corinthians 17

Eternal life only comes through Jesus Christ. Man is trying to get to God by other means. We live in a day where man is trying to change the gospel. Jesus does not change, he is the same yesterday today and forever. To get to heaven we must come to faith in Jesus, God does not desire that anyone should perish. We don't know what lies ahead but our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. It is nearly time for God to judge the world in righteousness and there will be no mistakes.
The things that Jesus went through on this earth were very difficult but he went to the cross willingly for us. He was beaten, spat on and cruelly mocked. He defeated death and one day there will ne no such thing as death and pain. God promises that we will live forever if we are saved and God cannot lie.
We should preach good news instead of bad news. Every time we hear the gospel again is Gods grace and we must draw the believer to God. We are to be witnesses of what God has done in our lives and remember that it is the Holy Spirit that changes lives

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