A relationship with God

Sun, 26th Jun 2016
John 16 v 33

Jesus is with us to the end of the age. Our faith is not in man or politics it is in Jesus. The bible tells us to fear not, love one another and do good to those who hurt us. In this world we will have trouble but we should take heart because he is over the world. When we are troubled we must remain steadfast, he wants us to reach out to him. The only way to keep peace is to draw near to God. We cannot see God but we can pray and read his Word. It is Gods desire to have a special relationship with his creation. God wants us today to be a kingdom of priests. His invitation is that we would be a special treasure. The only thing that is hindering us from a relationship with him is ourselves. We are to come near to God and he will come near to us. There are times when we feel we cant draw near to God. We must remember that condemnation does not come from God it comes from the devil. God doesn't condemn us he just sees a son or daughter doing their best for him. God has not given up on a special relationship with us.
There has never been peace in this world. We can be the only truth that people might hear. God is interested in everything we do in our lives. No matter what, God is with us to the end of the age.
Let us trust God, be unshakeable and be a witness to those that need him

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