How good our Father is (Fathers day)

Sun, 19th Jun 2016
Genesis 22 v 1-12

The Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Whatever you are facing God is with you wherever you go. The God today is the same God found in the old testament. He was with the Israelites and he is with us today. Joshua and his family knew that he would serve the Lord, the Lord who created us and saved us by grace.
The Lord has compassion on those that fear him. God disciplines us because he loves us. Fathers are not to exasperate their children, God tells us to instruct our children.
Without faith it is impossible to please God as we are here to please the Lord. We are all one in Christ Jesus and we are all praising him across the world.
Why did God command Abraham to sacrifice his only son?
Abraham had a promise from God, descendants as the stars. Multitudes would know him as a man of God. Abraham didn't appear to question what God had commanded him, this obedience found in the bible is very important. When we obey him his glory comes about. When we let him down he gives us a second chance as he loves us so much. When we obey him we are praising his name and so the more we obey him the more he is praised.
As Christians we are called to come before God and ask for our land to be healed. We are to humble ourselves and come before him. Abraham obeyed God and he knew that would God would do something before he sacrificed Isaac as Abraham stood on the promises of God. He believed in the Lord.
Jesus knew no sin, he was human but he was also perfect. He died on the cross that we might be saved by grace. We are a privileged people. The Holy Spirit dwells in those who love him. We are free from sin and death and we also have the assurance of eternal life.
Our responsibility is to witness to those who are not Christians. Those who do not know him will go to hell. God is the only one who can save them and so we need to share our faith with those who need the Lord. Ask God to help us as without him we can do nothing. We have a God who can do the impossible and he wants a 24/7 relationship with us.

Further Reading: 

Deuteronomy 1 v29-31