Our daily bread

Sun, 12th Jun 2016
John 6 v 41-70

Scripture tells us that Jesus dies once for our sins. We are saved by grace and the mercy of God. We don't receive life from the emblems. Titus 3 v 5, John 10 v 9. We are saved by faith but God is looking for a relationship with us. Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross.
What is this passage about? This passage is about listening to God reading his Word and praying. The multitudes followed him because they wanted to get something from Jesus. It is important that we keep our focus on God. We need to get our focus on the spiritual, we cannot separate Jesus from the Word that he spoke. The people wanted Jesus to give them more signs but we should believe in him through the Word of God.
People need a relationship with God, they must come from the natural into the spiritual. Jesus feeding the multitudes was a message that he was sufficient for both Gentiles and Jews, the 7 large baskets representing the 7 nations. Obeying the scripture equates to eating the bread of life. The Word of God is spiritual food. Milk is basic food and meat is strong food. When we participate in the Word of God we are feeding our spiritual mind. If we want eternal life we must come to him and repent.
In the natural sense if we do not have food then we will die. We can starve spiritually if we don't hear his Word and put it into practice. If we want to grow spiritually we have to spend time in his Word. God will speak to us through the scriptures but we must put it into practice applying it to our lives. We would not go a day without natural food and so we should not go a day without spiritual food. If we want to hear then we will hear what God is saying to us.
Jesus should be the foundation of our lives on which they are built. If we want to be strong in our service of God then we have to spend time in his Word, if we do not then how can we know his commandments? Sunday morning attendance is not enough, we have to spend time with him daily.
We can find so much joy from spending time reading and praying and there is so much God can put into our hearts as his Word is so vast. The only relationship we can possibly have is a two way relationship

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