Gods people

Sun, 1st May 2016
Gary Iddon
John ch 14-15

If we love the Lord Jesus we will keep his commandments but sometimes we will need a "prodding" to move forwards. We may not feel like moving forward but we must push on. We must prove ourselves faithful to him- God is watching and we must be faithful in the little things.
1) We must be people of Gods Word. We have his Word for direction so that we know where we are going. Lets read his Word and our path will be lit up. Why should we abide in him? because he says so! Who are we to question him? God wants us to be in his Word.
2) We must be people of prayer. Why? because he says so! When we take ourselves away from the world and ask for his help he will help us. He wants us to pray without ceasing. We must pray for souls in the church and everybody.
3) We must be people who gather together. When we are on our own we are isolated. We should speak encouraging words to one another as we will be judged for every idle word we have spoken. Lets build people up and not tear them down. We should consider others better than ourselves. We need an attitude of regular prayer, reading and meeting together. Our place of worship should be a place where people should want to come in.
4) We must be people of praise. Why? because he is worthy to be praised! We should be growing in holiness. Holiness is a closer walk with God. God does the work in us and makes us Holy.
5) We must be a people of care and compassion. People should see God in me and you. Have we encouraged others to use their gifts?
Lets be more like Jesus

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