Sun, 17th Apr 2016
The gospels

Jesus teaches about forgiveness in the bible. Forgiveness is important to Jesus and he practiced what he preached when he died on the cross to forgive us. We can miss out on what Jesus has for us if we are still holding onto unforgiveness. If we choose not to forgive we will end up in a prison and we can build a prison around ourselves by not being willing to forgive. It would be a prison of pain and bitterness and only we would have the key to unlock it. We should want to live in the freedom God has for us.
What is forgiveness? It is not saying that what happened to us is ok as if you are hurt it does matter. It doesn't mean we should allow the same thing to be done again. If we forgive men their sins then he will forgive us. We shouldn't just demand justice but choose mercy. Justice is a good thing but mercy is better. Jesus grace is far greater than justice itself and when we choose forgiveness, God will be the one who has the vengeance. He will sort out any issues. We must let forgiveness and love flow.
Who must we forgive today? It can be other people who have hurt us but it can also be ourselves. Now is a good time to forgive ourselves. Sometimes we can even hold unforgiveness towards God, we can potentially build anger towards him and that can trap and hold us back also.
1) We must stop nursing our wounds, feeling sorry for ourselves and rehearsing revenge.
2) Stop cursing the person who has hurt us and begin to bless them. When we bless we know we are forgiving.
3) Forgiveness is not a feeling. Forgiveness is a decision we can make to give someone a gift. Jesus chose to forgive us when he was suffering on the cross. He made the decision despite his pain.

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The gospels