Focus on Jesus

Sun, 13th Mar 2016
Joel 2 v 28

God speaks to the people through a plague as the people are not in a right relationship with God. God is saying look to him, he wants people to turn to him. He brings grace before judgement. No matter what goes on around us our focus should be on Jesus. We should seek Christ as believers.
In the midst of everything in Joel, Gods desire was to bring men and women to himself. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Nowadays God works through his people and his church. We are Gods hands and feet in our towns. God is still making his Holy Spirit available for our churches. We must ray that God would give his Holy Spirit to people.
The disciples wanted to be involved in the extension of his kingdom. God will give his Holy Spirit to those who desire him. We are here to be part of Gods church. Christ's return could be imminent so lets be about the Fathers business. When we go out of the church we are entering the mission field

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