Sun, 28th Feb 2016
Terry Jones
1 Peter 3 v 8-15

What is testimony? What should we be thinking about? When we read together who's voice are we hearing? v15 says that we must be ready to give an answer. Testimony is to give witness of what we know and not what we don't know. A Christian testimony is personal and it is also a journey, an ongoing story of what God is doing in our lives today and tomorrow.
Things you could remember when giving testimony
1) What was my life like before I met Christ? John 9v21 We may not have all the answers but we know that once we were blind and now we see
2) How did we come to know Jesus? What happened? Acts 2 v 37 Testimony should include the gospel/good news Romans 10 v 8-11. It is not enough just to go to church once a week
3) We need to confess that Jesus is Lord. A Christian speaks out in faith
4) How has life changed? Acts 9 v 19-22 The changes in our lives are not to be rushed. We start on spiritual milk before we go on to meat. In our lives we walk by faith, God is continually updating our lives.
5) We also need a biblical testimony. It is important that when we give our testimony that it is anchored in the bible. These 5 ingredients are so important.

Do we have a testimony? Do we have an ongoing testimony? What is God doing today?

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