In our distress God hears and answers us

Sun, 7th Feb 2016
Gary Iddon
Psalm 120

Jonah ran away from the call he had in his life but in his distress God heard him and he answered him. The Lord is near to all those who call on him in truth for when we cry to the Lord he hears. In the Psalms we see that the Lord answers prayer and he does good things. He heard Jonah's cry from the belly of the whale. We should cry out and shout what God has done for us in our lives. Whatever distress we might find ourselves in we should remember that God is with us and God can deliver us. Before we call God is already working the problem out.
No matter how Holy we try to be we are all at the same level, nobody is higher than another.
Psalm 116 v 2 says we should keep calling on the Lord as long as we live. v9 says we should walk before the Lord, we will make mistakes and we should seek forgiveness for he is slow to anger and swift to bless. God is always there to answer us and answers our cry. He will answer us and we should go and tell people and glorify him. God wants us to use us to talk to our generation. He hasn't given up on you even if you have given up on him. The bible is full of stories of where God has answered prayer.
On the flip side sometimes God will call us. He lives in us and our creator the God of the universe can call on us. He wants us to serve in the church and he wants us to be saved. We are his hands and his feet in the world. He calls us to listen and serve. However God can call and we can close our ears. He wants us to be just as active when we are receiving from him as when he is asking of us. We should say yes to the Lord in the small practical things.
1) We can call upon God and he will answer
2) We should walk in the Lord not in the world
3) We should answer him

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