Jesus walks on water

Sun, 1st Sep 2013
Gloria Edwards
Matthew chapter 14 v22-33

The Lords disciples were caught up in a storm and were struggling to make headway. Sometimes we can relate to this when we face storms in our own lives as we can keep our eyes on the problem. Life's storms can have a purpose and they can be in our path to bring us closer to God. When we find ourselves in these storms we can be reminded that God is with us. God says "I will never leave you nor forsake you"
Jesus shows his disciples that he is greater than any storm by walking on water and he can show up in our darkest times and in his perfect timing. Jesus is in control of all areas of our lives.
Peter had faith to walk to Jesus but when he took his eyes off Jesus he sunk back into the problem. Jesus was able to pick Peter up and save him. We must give our whole heart to Jesus and keep our eyes on him.
Peter was the only one who stepped out. If we step out he can make a difference if we allow him in.
The Lord chose us we didn't choose him and he did it through love and grace. Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
You'll never be ashamed if you accept Jesus as your saviour

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