Seek the Lord

Sun, 10th Jan 2016
2 Chronicles 26 v 1-5

"As long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success" This is a promise of God. Sometimes the rewards aren't immediate. Uzziah didn't have the best start in life and although he did what was right he didn't do it with a loyal heart. It doesn't work to have 1 foot with Jesus and 1 foot in the world.
Uzziah was only 16 when he came to the throne. Our age doesn't matter, its our heart that matters, children should be encouraged. God is looking for us to commit our hearts to him irrespective of our age. It is important to give children a good foundation of the scripture.
Uziah sought the Lord. He was prepared to take good council. We must look to the Word of God and spend time in the scriptures. It is essential to spend time in the Word of God, listen and obey. God is very patient with us and we grow by reading and praying daily. Uzziah helped to build the kingdom, he did tremendous things. The only way to be involved in spiritual warfare is by reading and praying as when we pray we are asking God to do things that we cannot do. Gods great purpose is to make us more and more like Jesus and this happens through fellowship, reading and praying.
Uzziah had a tremendous life but he took his eyes off the Lord. God also wants to bless us but in his way and so we should seek him and obey him. Only God can do things for eternity. It is amazing that God wants to work in our lives. Lets remember to be humble before the Lord and he will draw nigh to us. Jesus went to the cross so that God can be in our hearts and lives. Lets respond and draw near to him knowing that is what God wants

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