Sun, 12th Jul 2015
Gloria Edwards

Prayer plays a big part in our Christian walk. Prayer is communicating with God by speaking and listening. To praise God is to honour him. We should thank him and acknowledge the goodness he has poured out on mankind.
Supplication is to present a humble earnest request before God.
Intercession is when we plead with God for our own needs and the needs of others.
Who can pray? Anyone can pray but it is usually those who believe he exists.
Listening is part of praying, we need to listen to receive spiritual wisdom from him.
How often should we pray? It is a great weapon and it can change things. The bible teaches never to stop praying. We can pray at all occasions and be persistant. Pray for all believers all the time. We should pray with confidence and in his will. If we pray with confidence we can leave it with him knowing that it is in his will, God will hear that request.
Philippians 4 6-7 says we should be anxious for nothing. God wants us not to worry, he is interested in every little detail that troubles us. He doesn't want us to worry as it causes fear. He wants us to trust him all the time.
We must ask, seek and knock. The condition is to act and we can ask anything in his name. We should ask in the name and in the power of who Jesus is as God has given him all power.
The second condition is to ask. God will be glorified as his power is given to answer our prayers.
If these two conditions are met then any hindrances from our prayers will be removed. When we ask we must believe and not doubt. We must trust in Gods power and ability. Another hindrance to unanswered prayer is unconfessed sin. Our iniquities have separated us from God. When we fall into sin we should not lose hope. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. If we sin we shouldn't delay in confessing. Romans 3 v 23 tells us that everyone has sinned and falls short. We need some help and encouragement. When we are separated from God we can be separated from others when we can need others.
People in the world need our prayers. We can pray for people who don't have the strength and this is our challenge. Prayer does change things as when God steps in situations can change.
It is not always easy to pray as things can distract us from earnest prayer. We can ask God to keep our attention undivided. The challenge is to pray continuously. God hears us and we can play a part in stopping the troubles in the world.
We depend on Gods power. He is almighty, all seeing, all knowing, all loving and gracious. He cares extremely

Further Reading: 

James 5 v 13-19