Living life to the glory of God part 4

Sun, 28th Jun 2015
Suzanne Woods
Acts 2 v 1-4
The Holy Spirit 1) Wind. When we do what God requires of us it can change things just as wind can cause a reaction in things. The Holy Spirit can cause a reaction and things to change. The Holy Spirit enables us to do things. 2) Fire. Fire is an altering element that can change things. The Holy Spirit can alter our innermost being. He can transform things and transform an individual for his glory. The Holy Spirit should have a permanent residence within us. Life can be very hard and we need God to refill us and comfort us. 3) Power. Acts 1 v8 The Holy Spirit can bring power. We are to witness and we can receive power but it wont be in our own strength. We can be timid but The Holy Spirit is not timid, he can give us power to witness. We must fully rely on God to enable us. He is the one that empowers us. Where should we be and what should we do? a) We need to be in a place where we are able to handle the power God gives and so we must be set. b) We must be in a place where we believe as if we believe then things can change. People should be able to see the wind and fire in us and we must be ready to give an account of Jesus. Who is the Holy Spirit to you? What is it that you want to be enabled to do? If we speak to people about Jesus we might not know the work God is doing or already doing within them. The Holy Spirit can be a forgotten gift. We can all be in service to God no matter what we think we can or cant do. We can pray to God to help us to receive the Holy Spirit. We must know our bibles and what God is saying to us. God doesn't give us a timid Holy Spirit he gives us a powerful Holy Spirit. Lets work with him for his glory JingkLong uploader'; echo '
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