Living life to the glory of God part 2

Sun, 24th May 2015
Steve Taylor
Phillipians chapter 3 v 1-2

How do we live life, aims, rules with the sole purpose of living life to the glory of God. Paul writes about living life to Gods glory in Philippians.
1) Be glad in God:- We can be glad in God. Paul had tried other things and found God. We can also get to know Christ and have an intimate relationship with him. Colossians 1 v 15-29. Christ is in you, therefore you can look forward to sharing in Gods glory.
2) Christ in you the hope of glory:- This is about life and being changed. Christ is in us. Having Christ in us means sharing in both his glory and his suffering. God does not plan bad things to happen to us. He gives us resources to live through the bad things from sin in the world. We should be glad in God as he has done so much and we can show that off. We have the God of all ages living inside us. The only barriers we have are those that we put up.
We must be glad in God because we have Christ in us!

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