Living life to the glory of God

Sun, 10th May 2015
Terry Jones
Psalm 19

We are aiming to have a fragrance so that the aroma of Jesus goes with us
1) We need eyes to see Gods glory
How do we see Gods glory? Psalm 19v1 The heavens declare the glory of God. He speaks to us. Do we marvel at Gods creation? One day God will say enough of mans sin and everyone will stand before God, no one will be without excuse. Many people will not have had the revelation of the truth of Jesus and we are responsible for sharing it. However nobody can miss Gods glory in his creation. When we live life to Gods glory we have a responsibility to look after and appreciate Gods creation.

2) We need understanding to see the glory of God.
Part of Gods glory is his worth. God is worthy of worship and praise, his worth is beyond our understanding. Gods glory comes down to where we are, he fills us with his passion and understanding. What we believe and experience should reflect in our actions and so the glory of God is revealed.

3) We need to experience the glory of God
John 17 v 1-5 and 22. The Word glory appears many times. Most of the glory belongs to the Father and the Son but there is also a glory for us v22. He has given us his glory that we might be one just as he is one with the Son. Gods divine power gives us godliness, character, spirit, and the aroma. He has given us this glory that we might reflect his divine nature.

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