Let your light shine

Sun, 3rd May 2015
Gary Iddon
Mark chapter 4 v 21

In these last days we are becoming more and more under pressure as to what we can or cant say. We need to let our lights shine and not hide it. We should be ready to give an answer to those who question us about Jesus and our faith. We must become a member of Gods family by being born again.
Jesus teaches his disciples, he wants them to have a deeper understanding of God. By reading and coming to church we can get to know God better and better. In the passage Jesus doesn't want the disciples to hide their lights. He wanted them to let their lights shine. As Christians we are to illuminate places as we bring the presence of God with us. What is the point of God putting a light in us if we are not going to let it shine. If we let him though, he will shine through us. The gifts God has given us are by grace. As we shine for the Lord we attract people to him just as a moth draws to a light. We may not always notice but we are, however some people can find it hard to let their lights shine. there are 3 things that can cover our lights...

1) Complacency: can cover our light. We can feel that we are doing great so we don't need to shine our lights, we don't want to unsettle anything. We might not be willing to change but we are saved to serve and spread Gods Word.

2) Embarrassment: can cover our lights. We can be frightened to tell anybody about the things of God. We can be shy instead of being bold even if we have the desire to talk. If we are frightened, the Holy Spirit can change us just like he did to Saul.

3) Hurt and unforgiveness: can cover our light. We might not want to share anymore as we have been hurt in the past. We can go down the road of bitterness which can stop our lights shining. We must let these things go as we all make mistakes. The Lord teaches us to forgive others or we wont be forgiven.

God wants us to be a light that shines for him. Jesus is the answer to not only the three things above but to anything that might hinder our light from shining. God is the answer

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