The tabernacle conclusion

Sun, 9th Nov 2014
Terry Jones
Exodus ch 25 v10-22

We have been on a journey from outside the presence of God to being able to come to him and talk to him. The things of the tabernacle talk to us of Jesus.
The entrance gate: Today we should be at a place of awe and wonder. The entrance was the single place that everybody could come to. It doesn't matter where our Christian journey might begin we can come to the entrance place.
The bronze altar of sacrifice: The priest would apply the blood and the sinner could know that their heart was clean. The entrance and the altar remind us that Jesus is the only way. We all come by different routes to the one person who is Jesus. Jesus' sacrifice is the only one that satisfied God and when received and believed God sees us perfect. This perfect sacrifice does not need repeating.
The bronze laver: The priest would then wash in preparation of going into the Holy place. Believing in the truth washes us clean. If we have faith in God we are led into baptism and when we call on him for forgiveness we can be saved. Our baptism signifies our faith and trust.
The lampstand: The light of God must never go out in the Holy place. The bible says we must believe and receive him. Have we received his Holy Spirit? It is the Spirit that strengthens and sustains us. We must keep our light burning.
The table of showbread: The table is a sign of Gods promise that he will provide for us. If we go and rely on him he will provide for all of our spiritual and material needs.
The veil separating between the altar: Prayer is the nearest we can get to being close to God. Our prayers are like incense that God loves but the veil is the barrier between God and mankind. It says that we cannot come in as we are sinful. No man could tear this veil. God has removed our sins as far as the east is from the west. Jesus tore the veil from top to bottom through his death, God took the initiative turning the barrier into an opening to him. He now gives us an invitation to come to him.
The ark of the covenant: Once a year the priest could go beyond the veil taking coals, incense and blood. In the ark there were three things. A pot of manna reminded of Gods provision, Aarons rod reminded of his power and the stone tablets reminded of his promises.
The goal of every journey is to reach a destination. God can reveal himself anywhere and anytime, we have the reality of having God with us. The Holy Spirit is now our dwelling place. There can be no life or blessing without the Holy Spirit. When we gather in Spirit and in truth we should expect signs and wonders and to hear his voice. He cares about everything in our lives. We should be expecting to hear from him as he cares about everything in our lives and he will meet with us.
May the goal of our lives be the glory of God

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