Sun, 19th Oct 2014
Sid O Neill
Hebrews ch 11 v 1-3

God is intimate with us. The bible contains 6000 years of Gods dealings with man. Is our faith strong enough to believe in the creation at the beginning of the bible in Genesis? Where does our faith begin?
Without faith it is impossible to please God. We can also be here today because of the faith of other men. Narrow is the way to eternal life and few find the way so we are very privileged.
In Matthew 9 v 20 we find that faith can be a healer. The woman in this scripture had faith that Jesus could heal her. We must also have faith in Gods Word for it is by grace we are saved through faith.
Our faith can also amaze God for example the centurion story found in Matthew 8. Witnessing other peoples faith and Gods power in other lives can strengthen our faith.
We must have faith that the bible is the Word of God. It is inspired by God and written by man.
Did you know that God has faith in you. God had faith in Job that he would not turn and rebuke God.
In this world we will have trouble but we can "take heart as he has overcome the world"
Pray, read and trust in his Word.

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