Sun, 12th Oct 2014
Visiting speaker Eric
Ephesians chapter 4 v 32

The bible speaks to us as it is Gods Word. He has given us a written word for us to read that does not change over time. There is now no excuse to read and study the bible. We can also take portions of scripture to meditate upon when we are out living our lives and cant take our bibles.
We must also respond to the needs of people and show them kindness. v 32. If the fruits of the Spirit cannot be found in the church then it could be best to be in a different church. The world is crying out for kindness. There is so much unkindness in the world but the church is not local it is worldwide. People meet as a church in many many places.
We can feel so privileged that God is in our lives if we are believers. The Holy Spirit is in the lives of those who believe. Everybody needs Jesus forgiveness and him as their Saviour. People without Jesus are fearful and fallen and the bible commands all people to come to Christ. We cannot come to him in our own strength but the Holy Spirit draws us to Christ. We come to church because the Spirit of Christ draws us. God wants to show kindness to all. We must be rid of our old selves and let Christ live in us. He has promised that he will never leave us.
We must show kindness to everyone and treat strangers as those closest to us. We were once far away from God but he chose to draw us to him. As God has forgiven us we are to show kindness to all.
We are recipients of Gods grace and love

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